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Newsletter marketing involves sending out informational newsletters to interested parties (See also Permission Marketing). Some companies send newsletters through the mail, but the vast majority of companies today connect with customers over email. Email is cheaper and faster and produces data that can be more easily studied to create more relevant newsletters.

Newsletters contain a range of content that is not exclusively related to shopping. Companies might include everything from industry news, to interesting statistics, and “how to” articles in a given issue of a newsletter. Because consumers already indicated their interest in receiving the newsletter, companies can create more interesting content they know will engage their base.


People have gotten incredibly efficient at filtering out messages that aren’t relevant to them. Think about your own experience. If you’re like most people, you scroll through your inbox, ignoring a great deal of the information you see, until something pops up and catches your attention.


Relevancy will draw people in and open them up to receiving your messages. Usefulness will keep them coming back, and inspire them to continue to pay attention each time your name shows up in their inbox.


Creating mobile-friendly emails starts by choosing the right email template. Using a single column template will make your content much more accommodating for all screen sizes.


Consistency is important — both in the look and feel of your messages and in the frequency that you communicate with your list.

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