SPIN is a company that works with automation oriented to the electric market, specifically developing SCADA, Gateways, FLISR (Fault Location, Isolation and Service Restoration), ADMS (Advanced Distribution Management System), EMS (Energy Management System), OMS (Outage Management System) and GIS (Geographic Information System) software and integrating these solutions into power companies (GTD – Generation, Transmission and Distribution).


Our solutions are based on Action.Net, one of the most modern SCADA software in the world. But we also work with performance enhancement of power generation parks, including business intelligence solutions, management dashboards and asset management. Founded in 1992, Spin was built on four pillars: the customer, quality, technology and price. Our products evolve to better meet customers’ demands with quality, speed and simplicity.

Spin is one of the most prestigious ADMS solution providers (SCADA/DMS/OMS/EMS/GIS/ Asset Management) in the world and implemented over 400 systems in the Americas and Asia, with offices and partners in Canada, Brazil, Colombia, India, Philippines and Indonesia.

Since Power utilities are on the top priority in every country, there is high potential for advancement in monitoring/controlling the system. The loss minimization, power factor, State Estimation, Load management, demand response and so forth are the key factors for any Electrical utility to implement and control.