training & certification


Spin offers courses for configuration and operation based on software developed by the company, more specifically, to ActionₒNET and ActionₒGRID. There are also advanced courses, aimed at programmers, to develop communication modules, integration of programs developed in the Action₀NET “ₒNET” environment and development libraries with OLE objects in Action₀NET environment. Get a certification on the most modern SCADA and Smartgrid software in the Brazilian electricity market.

Certification Stages




Identify what are your needs and make your application stating from the data listed on the form, as well as the number of participants, location, availability (dates, times) and desired software.

Spin will contact you with additional information regarding available dates, course details, finance and scheduling possibilities.

After making the course, Spin grants a certificate which certifies the professional to carry out operations involving the software in which he was trained.