Geographic Information Systems (GIS) have made possible the association of spatial information (geographic) stored in maps, with diverse databases like municipal water systems, electrical networks, coal and oil deposits, etc.

The SPARD® Distribution software  is a specialized, stand – alone GIS, that goes beyond general GIS and traditional AM/FM systems, since it integrates:

  • The creation and maintenance of the power distribution networks geospatial data, its connectivity as an electric network model
  • Visualization, querying and plotting of the network and the land base map background
  • Important applications for analysis, optimization, simulation, management of those networks, that are seamlessly integrated in the same GUI (Graphical User Interface)
  • Editing and maintenance of the SDD (SPARD Distribution Database) that includes all of the equipment, the topology and the geographic positioning of the grid.

Therefore, SPARD® Distribution is a specialized, optimized GIS for electric distribution networks. The fundamental characteristic of SPARD® Distribution is the total integration of the geographic and  graphical system with the database and with the application programs. The user has to handle only one GUI (Graphical User Interface), through which all system functions are managed.

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