Spin is a company that works with automation oriented to the electric market, specifically developing SCADA, Gateways, FLISR, ADMS, EMS, OMS and GIS software and integrating these solutions into power companies (GTD – Generation, Transmission and Distribution).

Much of our solutions are based on ActionₒNET, the most modern SCADA software. But we also work with performance enhancement of power generation parks, including business intelligence solutions, management dashboards and asset tracking.

Spin is constantly seeking partnerships to deliver the best solutions to its customers. We work together to solve problems.

Founded in 1992, Spin was built on four pillars: the customer, quality, technology and price. Its modules have emerged to better meet customers’ demands with quality, speed and simplicity. Protocols, the modules added to the SCADA control centers and software architectures designed to implement communication with hundreds of IEDs evolved to the same rhythm.

In little more than twenty five years, our products on SPARD-ADMS, SPARD-EMS, SPARD-OMS and SPARD-GIS were developed with our partner Energy Computer Systems and integrated hundreds of solutions in the areas of generation, transmission and distribution.

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