OTS or Operator Training System is the DMS function that allows to train SCADA personal in an operative environment with real conditions, but in a simulated way. In OTS the real network is replaced, where situations that happen in reality are reproduced, with the security that the student is not going to make operations over the real electrical infrastructure.

OTS is a tool that allows the instructor to design scenarios with programmed event sequences, which can be executed automatically. The instructor also can generate improvised incidences manually. The types of occurrence that are included are: opening / closing a breaker, tap change, load input / output, motor input / output, generation input / output, capacitor bank input / output, and fault occurrence.

OTS has a two-way communication with the SCADA. All the variables of operable elements (such as breakers) in SCADA must reach OTS. Equally, OTS feeds back SCADA with data of electrical type, simulating the operation of the real network

The variables sent in this mode are:

  •  Active and Reactive Power of the loads.
  •  Breakers Position.
  •  Position of Transformer Taps.
  •  Voltage on the Controlled Voltage and Float Nodes.
  •  Generated Power by Generators.
  •  Active and Reactive Power consumed by Motors.
  •  Reactives Generated by Capacitors
  •  Voltages (value and angle) on the PQ Nodes.
  •  Currents and Powers on Lines.
  •  Currents and Powers on Transformers.
  •  Generated Active and Reactive Power by Float Nodes.
  • Fault Currents and Voltages.
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