Lean automation is a methodology developed by Spin for the integration of automation systems of electrical sites (substations, power plants, wind farms, etc.) that reduces the process cost, from its parameterization to its commissioning and increases the quality and robustness of the solution achieved. It can be used, not only for creating new applications in energy companies (GTD), but also to generate components which are the best practices for the use of IED families, such as protection relays, wind turbines, asset management IEDs, etcUsing the features of Action₀NET and Spin’s knowledge of power generation, transmission and distribution systems integration, a methodology called Lean Automation was created that allows the
configuration of a substation application in a few minutes with very low possibility of error. The purpose of the methodology is to automate an application such as several substations with the
following differentials:

  •  Time: Minor ↓ (months are converted into weeks);
  • Cost: low ↓ (reduction of the staff, their specialization and the time of implementation, with their
    unfolding in expenses with tickets, car rental, hotel, meals, etc.);
  • Quality: high ↑ (methodology minimizes failures and guarantees quality and finishing);
  •  Flexibility: High ↑ (from a solution you can get others, easily).

The methodology is supported by the following five concepts and functionalities of Action₀NET:

(1) Template

(2) Category

 (3) Category to Template Association

 (4) Linking the template name to the library symbol 

(5) Extension Deploy

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