Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)

The Action.NET innovative design brings web and tablet user interface concepts to the desktop application, making advanced engineering tools have an easy, friendly and nice user configuration interfaces.

Multiple users can work on the same project simultaneously. The project is one single file in the local computer, remote server or in the cloud!. This design allows for more efficient access to the to projects located in the local computer, remote stations or cloud servers.

Action.NET automatically creates metadata about the projects, with information such as display preview, project and tool version, date modified, project model and more. You can change the view to cards, table, or use the Rotate button to switch between the graphical icon and a brief project summary.

Can be edited and run the project locally (Local Host), from a remote server (Remote), or from a Cloud server (Cloud). All the configuration tools and features are transparent to whether you are accessing a project from the local computer or from a remote computer. No other software components are necessary, Action.NET supplies everything you need for distributed engineering.

Action.NET Modules:

Realtime Tags
Graphical Displays
Security and Redundancy
Trend and Historian
Devices Communication
Alarms and Events
Datasets and SQL
Scripts and .NET
Reporting and Data Access
Testing and Running Projects
Information and Version Control
Play Video